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The Story of ME

2001 – I began exploring graphic design in college.
2004 – My love of collaboration and story took me to the graphic novel field as a writer and later editor and art director.
2011 – After scriptwriting for years, I returned to college to pursue my fondness for anthropology.
2015 – At Splitpeak design I worked my way up from junior designer to become our lead interaction designer and was soon promoted to project manager alongside product designer.
2018 – Packaged my UX experience on larger budget projects for small businesses to help them reach their goals and create a functioning plan for the future.

Where I am now

Looking for new challenges to expand my skill set as well as hone my craft in an environment where I can combine my fondness for collaboration and my 8+ years’ experience in gathering and translating user data into attention-getting actionable design solutions.


Who, Why, What, How

My Process


Insight into the problem


The area to focus on


Generating potential solutions


Tested solutions that work
What I'm questioning
What I'm questioning

erasing bias, assumptions, and guesses.

What are we making?

Who are we making it for?

Who are the stakeholders?

What constraints are there?

What problems are we solving for?


What is the brand?

What are we really making?

Have we correctly framed the problem?

What does success look like?

What features are being considered?


How can we solve the users problems?

How do we test our solution?

What constraints are there?

What problems are we solving for?


What feedback is there?

Does the product need refinement?

How have requirements changed?


What I'm doing
What I'm doing

Testing, exploring, and sharing.

Stakeholder interviews

User interviews

Journey mapping

Empathy mapping

How-might-we affinity maps

Competitive analysis

Diary studies

Guerilla user research

Heuristic analysis


Success metrics

Refined problem statement


Customer journey map

Cost/Benefit analysis

Study and analyze customer requirements

Create user stories

Problem statement



User flows

Site maps

Card sorting


Usability testing 

Problem hypothesis





Quality assurance

Refining prototype



Case Studies

Enterprise web portal

Dashboard UI with a focus on flexible data solution 

SAAS web application

Real-time office space rental platform


Improved usability from 41% to 89% for popular odds comparison mobile app.



“David… has proven himself as a strong workhorse, communicator, interactive designer, and project manager throughout. He has exceptional skills when it comes to understanding complex digital applications and identifying the root cause of a problem that he finds creative design solutions to.”


“I can not speak highly enough of David and his work. It has been a fantastic experience collaborating with him. David helped to design and create our small law firm’s website years ago… he is able to explain technical issues in a way that a layperson can understand. Our website turned out beautifully and ranks highly for performance.”


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